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BIO ALTERNATIVA is a biotechnological driven & professionally managed innovative European company, the main activity of which is the production of organic fertilizers and plant growth stimulants.

All products are produces according to EU Law standards on high-tech equipment with constant quality control at all stages of the production cycle. The quality of FERTIL VERDE AND FERTIL POWER is confirmed by laboratory tests, and the biological efficiency is prooved by EU research centers.
Our company is proud of our professianal team ls in the field of agrochemistry, agronomy, biotechnology and microbiology. Our specialists work daily on implementation of the latest achievements of the science in the production process of FERTIL VERDE AND FERTIL POWER, as well as to maximize the biological efficiency of our products in different climatic zones, on different soils and crops.

Let's keep the earth for the next generations together!

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Innovative approach
for Organic Agriculture

Thanks to innovation solutions FERTIL VERDE organic fertilizers have a competitive advantage over other analogues on the world market.

Biologically pure raw materials, the innovative methods of extraction and the most advanced equipment make FERTIL VERDE one of the most effective humic and fulvic acid fertilizers and plant growth stimulants in the world

The laboratory tests and the results of the test seeding carried out jointly with organic farming associations and research centers in Austria, Italy and Cyprus will impress and convince any skeptic concerning effectiveness of FERTIL VERDE products

FERTIL VERDE Effect on Plants

Increase Yield

Increase Quality

Keeps Water


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