Fertil Verde


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Specialists of our company developed the unique nutrition complex for medical and recreational purposes cannabis growing  using drip irrigation.

Our complex provides plants with all the necessary micro and macro elements, vitamins and amino acids to create optimal conditions for plant development.

Fertil Verde Vega and Fertil Verde Flora are balanced complexes of macro and micro elements necessary for a plant at the vegetative and flowering stages

Feril Verde Amino Plus – organic biostimulant with a high content of plant origin free amino acids (L-amino acids)

Fertil Verde Humic – highly concentrated extract of humic acids, effective stimulator of plant growth and root development

Fertil Verde Fulvic is a unique concentrated fulvic acid extract, a plant growth simulator, an activator of plant perception of micro and macroelements, organic immunostimulant and antistressant. Fulvic acid contains 74 natural minerals, 10 vitamins and 20 amino acids