Fertil Verde


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Fertil Verde Amino Plus is organic biostimulator with a high content of plant origin free amino acids (L- amino acids) obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis.

Fertil Verde Amino plus also consists a number of essential organic acids such as succinic acid, fulvic acid, maleic, malonic and lemon acids.

Quality characteristics of FERTIL VERDE AMINO PLUS

Free amino acids150 gram/L
Organic acids50 gram/L
N25 gram/L
P2O520 gram/L
K2O20 gram/L
  • increases the growth of green mass of plants and stimulates development of root system;
  • normalizes metabolism process in plants;
  • positive effect on chlorophyll synthesis and the intensity of plant photosynthesis;
  • increases the intensity of flowering
  • increases the size of fruits and their quality
  • Drip irrigation 1-1.5  ml per 1 L water, 1 time per, 1 week