About Us

Bio Alternativa is a biotechnological driven & professionally managed company, engaged in manufacturing & Marketing of Organic and Bio agri inputs like Bio fertilizers and Bio Animal Feed Additives.

All the Products are manufactured under required licenses, under strict quality controland in order to make really efective products available to our farmers. The products are tested and analysed by the quality assurance of analytical labortaries.

The Company has well qualified and experienced professionals including Ph.Ds, post graduates/ graduates in biotechnology, microbiology, life sciences and agriculture with required back ground to produce the range of products.

At our industrial premises, international standards are maintained to develop high quality and contamination free products. The unit is using most advanced available technologies for production of bio-fertilizers and animal feed additives.

Bio Alternativa under its ambitious plans to spread the operation in marketing, organic farming, farmers' training etc. all over the European Union, India, Middle East and Brazilia.

Lets protect soils for the next generations !


The main raw component for the production of our high-quality biostimulants is leonardite, deposits of which have been formed in Europe since the beginning of the Paleogene period and are located at a depth of 60 to 200 meters. The material for the formation of leonardite were various coniferous and deciduous trees, peat plants, the gradual decomposition of which under water, without access of air, mixed with clay and sand, gradually leads to enrichment, with the remnants of fallen plants, with a constant emission of carbon volatile substances. One of the first phases of this decay after peat is brown coal and then lignite and leonardite, the formation of which began about 70 million years ago.
Provides an environmentally,friendly agricultural product
Increases the number of shoots, fruits and their individual weight, improving yield by 20-40% and shortening the maturation time by 10-12 days
Improves the mobility of phosphorus in the soil
Removes products of anthropogenic pollution (pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, mercury, etc.) from the scheme of organic circulation
Increases the permeability of heavy soil (contributing to the absorption of nitrogen by soil bacteria)
Increases the humidity and hygroscopic properties of the soil under drought conditions
Increases the enrichment of metabolic centers of plants with nutrients and microelements, activates their growth, which reduces the cost of fertilizers and pesticides by 20-30%
Reduces the vegetative period and promotes accelerated maturation
Strengthens the roots
Speeds up the process of germination
and strengthens the plant buds
Protects plants from stress during treatment with pesticides
Protects plants from drought, frost and excessive humidity
Protects plants from pathogenic microorganisms that causes many diseases
Prevents excessive accumulation of nitrates