Humic and Fulvic acids are the final break-down constituents of the natural decay of plant and animal materials.

Humic matter is formed through the chemical and biological humification of plant and animal matter and through the biological activities of micro-organisms.

Humic acids are complex molecules that exist naturally in soils, peats, oceans and fresh waters. The one source of humic acids are the sedimentation layers referred to as LEONARDITE. These layers were originally deep in the earth’s crust, but over many years have been exhumed to near-surface location. Humic acids are found in high concentration in these layers.

LEONARDITE is organic matter, which has not reached the state of coal and differs from soft brown coal by its high oxidation degree, a result of the process of coal formation, and has no value as fuel.

The decomposition of concentrated organic acids is a lengthy process taking millions of years in the natural environment.

What is the miracle of Humic acids for plants and soils?

  • Stimulates biological activity in soil
  • Enhances resistance of soil to stress
  • Enhances nutrients uptake and increases the content of humus in soil. 
  • Reduces the toxicity of pesticide residue and prevents soil from contamination of heavy metals ions as well as other harmful matters.
  • Improves chemical and physical properties of soil
  • Plant growth stimulator, promotes root development and stimulates seed germination
  • Fertilizer efficiency promoter. Greatly improve the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer. Keeps 60% of nitrogen in easy available form for plants and 40% with slow-release.
  • Increases the resistance of crops to adverse environmental factors and enhances the immunity of plants;
  • Speeding up seed and fruit ripening (1-2 weeks)
  • Increase yield up to 60%
  • Increases seeds germination
  • Root system strengthening
  • Reduces plants demand for nitrates. Reduces amount of nitrates in plants and fruits;
  • Increases shelf life of crops
  • Improves plant resistance to low temperatures
  • Improve immune system of plants
  • Promotes growing of healthier, stronger plants and improves its appearance