Bio - Alternativa is pleased to introduce our customers cooperation aimed on creating of manufacturing line at your enterprise that would process chicken manure and leonardite into dry pellet organic fertilizer.

Implementation of such type production line reaches 2 main goals – utilization of livestock droppings and producing of organic NPK fertilizer

The manufacturing line developed by our specialists allows to process manure and leonardite into dry pellet organic fertilizers. In the process of organic fertilizer production, it is possible to improve the NPK figures of the final product by adding inorganic and organic substances to the raw materials.

We design production lines which process both in-cage manure (laying hens) and bedding manure (broiler chickens). Both fresh and composed manure can be processed.

The main special feature of our lines is that raw material drying process is performed by a heat generator fueled by the manure itself. However, for countries which have an excess to liquid fuels such as petroleum, diesel oil or waste oil, it is more rational, easier and cheaper to use liquid hydrocarbons and a corresponding heat generator.

Minimum capacity of such production line is 500 kg of final product per hour or 10 ton per 24 hours. Maximum capacity depends only on the raw material availability and energy supply.

We offer the most financially efficient and productive technology of organic fertilizer production. This technology allows placing fertilizer production close to the farms. In the areas where the product is produced and stored there is almost no unpleasant smell. Moreover, the technological scheme is energy efficient.

Bio - Alternativa provides clients with unique technology and guaranteed provision of raw material and technological support.